Corinne Sebbagh


Corinne Sebbagh left her home town at the age of 4 and moved to Paris, in a neighbourhood which is vibrant and full of cultural and artistic events. Very quickly, she became impressed and influenced by this. As a teenager, she followed the evening courses for two years at the School of Applied Arts in Paris and pursued different techniques to satisfy her curiosity and desire to learn as an artist.

Afterwards, she became a comedian artist and developed, for several years, different sarcastic and humorous shows. Later on, she turned again to painting and pursued several courses in arts, such as ones provided by the Ministry of Finance and taught by Delphine Monnereau and also others offered by the Louvre Museum and taught by Nicolas Barrié.

With an abundant energy and full of curiosity, Corinne interprets colours in her creations from a very visual and sensorial point of view. She is fine-tuning her personal touch by drawing inspiration from her emotions.

She is guided by the statement: So long as one is curious and open to experiences, there is no end to personal satisfaction….