Hildegarde Handsaeme


Hildegarde's work presents such an original form and content that it is difficult to classify her in a painting school or to compare her to an eventual equal painter. She seems to always know what she does and why and she leaves nothing to fate, so one can say without looking at her signature that her personality is clearly there. Her work is very personal and shows that art in itself has no boundaries, it is not subject to strict laws, it is unseizable and difficult to put into words. Hildegarde resides and works in Belgium and her path through the world of art can be described as quite an interesting one, based on self-teaching. With an articulate preference for the figure and the nature of women, the sensitive approach of this theme remains her source of inspiration which is utterly inexhaustible. Hildegarde Handsaeme paints mainly women and follows a harmonic and constructively perfect pattern. The figure in itself is dominating but she knows how to put it in the right surroundings where nature and cosmos play a symbolic part. Hildegarde gives us the message of love and tenderness which should be shown to each individual and, in a pictural balanced and harmonic way, she knows how to remind us of the glamorous intuition of women.