Immanuel Lassa


I’m Immanuel Lassa, I was born in 2000 in Abuja, Nigeria. I didn’t really come into my own as a visual artist until 2017 when I started with photography. I tried various styles was particularly interested in street photography. While that was going on, I got exposed to graphic/collage art (the internet is such a wonderful place). So when Tobi a classmate of mine and a formidable artist came into our AP Art class with Photoshop running on his laptop I took the opportunity to try something new. Seeing as I had no prior experience with Photoshop, it was one of the most confusing encounters of my life. I didn’t produce anything of merit but I knew I had found my niche. 


I get a lot, if not all of my inspiration from nature. Could be a be a lightning bolt shrouded by the clouds during a storm or the crazy old man on Ahmadu Bello Way (a street in Jos Nigeria), both EXTREMELY terrifying when encountered unexpectedly but equally interesting. To me at least. I want my work to emulate the menagerie of emotions that millisecond flash of lighting will leave you feeling while retaining the uniqueness only a crazy guy on a crowded street can have