Marian Williams


Born in Rotterdam in 1962, Marian Williams lives and works in France. Although art is all around within the family, Marian choses to take various detours in life to finally arrive at her true passion. Her passion for art, graphics and images never left her and in 2010 she definitely turns towards collage, painting and sculpting. 

Since, her work has been on show in France, England, Italy, Albania, the Netherlands, Serbia and in the USA.


Whilst recycling objects, authentic photos and original illustrations from vintage magazines and books, dating from 1900, she creates dynamic, striking and colourful analog compositions. The artist’s approach to collage is rich and large; from different angles, formats and styles; on paper, canvas, mosaics or as sculptures.


The mixed media compositions are created with paper, ink, pastels, acrylic and oil paint. Printed material is cut, ripped or torn and sometimes used as ink transfers. The ‘recycle art’ sculptures are installations and compositions made out of  vintage three dimensional elements. The works, influenced by pop art, surrealism and dadaism, show originality and freshness, in which classical art, retro chic, and kitsch are combined in a challenging way. The artist's political engagement for the environment, women's rights, freedom and social justice, are recurring themes. I hope to be a source of inspiration to the younger generation; to think independently, question society and create their own destiny.