ARTist of the day: Fredrik Raddum's bronze sculptures

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The Norwegian artist, Fredrik Raddum is one of the most controversial contemporary artists from the Scandinavian space, with works covering a wide range of art, from installations to sculptures and art performances. Being part of the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, Norway, Raddum exhibited in many places in the North and West of Europe.

His bronze sculptures stand for various representations of the human condition, as trapped in a temporary existence. Drawing his inspiration from his surrounding, the society in which he grew but also his condition as an artist, Fredrik Raddum creates surrealistic artworks, where human beings are seen in different tragi-comic scenarios, full of both absurd and humour: hiding and peeking behind walls or doors, being tragged around by animals or crawling on the floor.

Exploring large and controversial themes of solitude, the appeal of a journey, curiosity and the unpredictability of life, the artist expresses a subtle but persistent social and political critique, through his artworks, by showing the fragility of human existence, left alone in the face of social and moral obstacles and degradation. Many expressed their views on the artist exploring current themes of international interest, such as the refugee crisis and international human migration. The idea of space is also an important element in the artist's artworks, since each sculpture represents a state of being of one singular individual, yet it is a transversal condition experienced by many. Often, the artist creates controversy by leaving some of his artworks without a face, to indicate that identity is not only a means of facial expression or physical features and the human condition crosses these superficial barriers. Ultimately, through his artistic vision, the artist makes an appeal to awareness and solidarity among human beings that will bridge any differences.

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