ARTist of the day: Nikolas Antoniou and the intimacy behind art

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

" Art is the space between the viewer and the painting."

Nikolas Antoniou's paintings vibrate of emotions and colourful inspiration, around themes that stem from his surroundings as well as his inner world. The final artworks manage to generate more questions than provide a clearly defined outcome.

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus and graduate of the department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Greece, the artist has been keen on not wanting to be labelled as a typical contemporary artist, but rather acknowledged for his artistic vision as it is. During the last years, Nikolas Antoniou has joined several solo and group exhibitions in both Italy and Greece.

The various elements in his paintings, from misplaced or vague objects, female figures captured from various angles that remind us of a Picassian perspective, to time lapses, all of them coexist in a strangely reassuring or familiar environment, expressing the depths of human existence as well as the overwhelming of feelings that strike simultaneously.

His artistic inspiration depicts especially the woman body and figure in various movements and representations, mosto of them graciously moving into space, exploring all limits and possibilities or surprised in familiar environments, e.g. indoors, in a room. Moreover, the range of colours add an intimate layer to the portraits, keeping a realistic perspective on matters such as skin, clothes, facial features.

The artist encourages other artists and people in general to see art, not from an utilitarian view, but rather as carrying a goal in itself, a process that will eventually help the viewer and the artist to discover a bit more about themselves: " Observing human body figures as part of an audience made me feel as if I was seeing myself."

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