ARTist of the day: Shara Hughes and the imaginative flowers

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

” Texture, pattern and perspective is something I like to use to describe a space in ways that maybe don’t always make sense”.

When we first came across Shara Hughes dreamy, flowery landscapes, we could not escape the feeling of entering into a special world, full of a mixture of surrealistic and innocent touch, where everything is constantly moving, evolving and where everything is possible.

” It’s ugly and it’s beautiful, it’s wrong and it could be right – there’s a lot of back and forth!”

Shara Hughes, a contemporary New York artist, with exhibitions all around the world from China to London and Zurich, creates stunning and visually colourful representations of imaginary landscapes, made up of a variety of dreamlike elements, such as hanging plants, mystical forests bathed in sunlight, flowers of extremely large proportions, defying any conventional measures and sizes, much like an Alice in Wonderland environment. Her abstract painting style is at once both vibrant, alive and playful, reminding of an intuitive process of creation, where each element of the imaginary landscape is forged from the imagination of the artist. As Shara Hughes claims, much of her inspiration is personal and comes from her inner world, yet frequent visits to places full of nature or Botanical Gardens are also opportunities to enhance her artistic potential and vision of nature.

Her lanscapes resemble a collage of textures, shapes and colourful forms that gradually build up to form an utopian landscape, a refuge of the mind that anyone craves or imagines. Many critics have proclaimed her palette of colours as both experimental, disrupting conventions and aggressive, judging by the juxtapositions of colours with a shocking effect, e.g. purple next to yellow. Daring in her artistic vision, in our view, Shara Hughes manages to create impressive artworks, aiming for the viewer to explore more his or her energy and inner world and not be afraid of the outcome.

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