ARTist of the day: Tomohiro Inaba

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Have you ever noticed the fragility and yet realistic beauty of unfinished sculptures made of steel wire? The way that forest creatures such as deers, bisons are perfectly shaped and realistically depicted yet they suddenly seem to lose ground with reality and become spread in the air like particles of a once real matter?

This is the overall impression that these sculptures made by the Japanese artist, Tomohiro Inaba create in the viewer's perspective. Graduate of the Art University of Tochigi, Japan, the artist contributed to a wide selection of art, from installations to sculptures made of steel wire. His eye for details is captured in the way most of his sculptures seem to disintegrate into millions of tiny pieces, while preserving the image of the animal represented in 3D form. By capturing the feeling of time passing by and the fragility of existence, as well as the animals' gracious movement, the artist, as his own words reveal, appeals to the viewer's imagination and desire to dream on through "the sculptures that keep engaging with the viewers through their imagination". The duality of these sculptures representation show both sides of the coin, a realistic, solid representation and a more ephemeral, fragile one, ultimately the existence of every being.

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