Artist of the week - Alena Shymchonak

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Alena Shymchonak art
Alena Shymchonak painting

” Painting as a never-ending journey.” The Estonian artist Alena Shymchonak surprises us with her puzzle-like paintings that convey a feeling of endless summer. Drawing her inspiration from both her travels and her dreams or fantasies, she manages to delimit in a clear yet visually pleasant way both sea and land, in her paintings. All colors present a rich texture, making one think that they are part of a summer postcard. Through the intricate technique under the description of palette knife oil of painting, the slow color flows bear a clearer imprint of the overall summer atmosphere. In her paintings, all human figures are small, almost hard to distinguish due to a lack of details. The world of inspiration for Alena Shymchonak covers a wide range of subjects: from city views to nature elements, such as trees, seascape and flowers in unique representations.