Artist of the week: (The) Johnny Smith

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

”What I want to provoke is a smile, a rolling of the eyes, a momentary escape.”

Incredibly creative and visually challenging, Johnny Smith, American artist, manages to capture all popularity on social media and virtual or physical art spaces through his witty photo manipulations and collages. Objects of daily life merge with natural elements such as flowers, creating a mixture of colors, bodies and representations that are hard to distinguish one from each other.

Although achieving considerable fame through the means of Instagram, he prefers to take his surrealistic art light-heartedly, mixing humor with a hint of challenge for the viewer. By challenging the natural perspective on different elements and combining them with images from the media, art world, figures of contemporary history and politics, as well as pop-culture, Johnny Smith creates an unexpected image of a world beyond reality, a distorted lens on society nowadays.

Johhny Smith art

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