Chase away the blues by listening to these awesome 5 ART podcasts

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Podcasts have been around for quite some time. Whether arts, politics, history or science, we enjoy podcasts because they bring to us so much in such a simple way: easy to access information about topics that we enjoy, whether we are walking, running, multitasking in our homes or travelling.

In these dark times, when we have to deal mostly with staying at home, activities that we enjoy doing or topics that we enjoy listening to or watching should be a must, in order to make this period of time more bearable. Art podcasts are no exception to the rule.

Therefore, ArtRootz managed to gather 5 awesome ART podcasts that you can listen to easily, during your morning coffee, morning exercise or while accomplishing daily work tasks. The selection covers podcasts about art news, events, the current art market as well as art trends. Tune into some cultural and engaging moments!

1. The Art Newspaper - covers international art news for three decades. In each episode of the podcast, special guests are invited and big events and news about the art world are brought into focus, as well as exhibitions and events worldwide. Everything you want to know about the art market, Renaissance art or surrealism. Hot topics and famous art currents. Discover their podcast here.

2. Hyperallergic - a platform for all art lovers and curators that places art in the middle of social and political aspects, in our everyday society. In their podcasts, a team of editors discusses several important aspects about art with artists and curators, everything from visual arts to design and contemporary art trends. Explore more here.

3. VantagePoint Radio - a monthly podcast, hosted by James Bullough and Tom Auto64, with collective spaces and artists about topics such as street art, graffiti and urban art, trying to make the art exposed in galleries more accessible to the people. From Berlin, to everywhere in the art world. Get a chance to come across well-known street artists or illustrators and emerge into their wonderful worlds. Listen to the podcast here.

4. The Art History Babes Podcast - hosted by four art graduates, the platform brings forward an interesting mix of stories and debates about art history, everything from Ancient cultures to Impressionism and Surrealistic art installations around the globe. Receive updates about events and happenings in the art world, check out their podcast.

5. Art Agency, Partners - a platform that seeks to provide guidance and advice mainly to art collectors in the art market. Their podcast, In Other Words, is comprehensive enough, offering ample information and debates on complex topics, such as art aquisition, entrepreneurialism in art, art auctions or art in relation to the political climate. Discover all their wonderful podcast and enrich your knowledge on the art market.

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