Exclusive Interview: in conversation with the artist Tatiana BLANQUÉ

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

" Every morning I take my dog for a walk and I train in the forest, I let myself be seduced by their silent noises, by their stylised figures, by the leafless branches, by the smell of the wet earth, by their capacity for coexistence, their authenticity, their non-contamination (...)"


Learning to dive in the beauty of nature and the forest while leaving behind the deafening noise and the pollution of the urban space, meant a rediscovery of the beauty of simple and authentic life for the visual artist Tatiana Blanqué. Her artworks, mainly watercolour paintings and installations, vividly express this need of reconnecting to the nature and keeping the awareness of both the beauty and the fragility of it, while understanding our mission as being part of it. Through thin lines, a play between light and shadow and floral motifs, we emerge into the most pure aspects of nature and we rediscover ourselves. This is the goal and inspiration of the artist Tatiana Blanqué, originally from Barcelona, with whom Artrootz had the pleasure to talk and get some inspiring perspectives over art and life, as seen in the following interview:

· You are coming from a nice and rich in nature region from Spain, how did the place where you grew up and the environment influenced your art later on? Also your family is related to the world of art and photography, was this also important for your development as an artist?

Surely it has influenced me in the long run, but the reality is that the first time I felt nature calling me was on a trip to Patagonia, many years ago. When I returned home I realised how lucky I was to be surrounded by nature, a nature I had never observed as such before.

It is true that in my family there have been creators in both the world of photography and fashion, but I did not have the chance to experience it directly. I only heard wonderful stories about them that I always listened to with attention.

Los árboles lloran dorado III, 2020 - Tatiana Blanqué

· How did you start exactly your career as an artist? Did you ever question your artwork at the early stages or even after?

I studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and at the end of it I had to combine it with a part-time job, so I worked in the family business as an administrator. Finally destiny wanted me to rethink what I was doing. So I ventured into the world of art and this is where I've come.

I have always questioned my work in the sense of always wanting to go further. I'm very slow to evolve and I feel comfortable when I master something, so I've decided to put on my pillars and take a leap into the void just as I did at the time when I left the company and the economic tranquillity.

· What would you have chosen to be if not an artist? Any advice that you would give to someone willing to venture into arts f.ex.but not really knowing where to start from or whether it is worth it?

Have very, very clear that this is the world where you want to be and make a living, even if it costs you a lot, even if you have to give up at first to be able to live better than with a more standard work. Surround yourself with people from the field, once you decide. Let yourself be advised by those who know, learn how to move up to where you want to go. Work, work and work and never lose hope. :)

· What do you think distinguishes your work from the ones of other artists? What makes it special?

I think that many artists have their own label or style; perhaps in my case the fact of working with permanent markers and pen by mixing them with oil and other mixed techniques, could help with the timelessness aspect of my compositions.

Skin Metamorphosis - Tatiana Blanqué

· Your art contains a wide array of natural motifs that keep appearing in your artworks. What are you mostly attracted to, in your daily life and in your surroundings? Tell us a bit about the things you are mostly inspired by.

Basically I only speak through the nature of the white pines, a tree used in the Catalan Community for the reforestation of the Mediterranean forests, that grows quite fast.

I live surrounded by them. Every morning I take my dog for a walk and I train in the forest, I let myself be seduced by their silent noises, by their stylised figures, by the leafless branches, by the smell of the wet earth, by their capacity for coexistence, their authenticity, their non-contamination. In short it is a parallel universe, that's how we often perceive it, because we have not been, capable of learning to live with them, we have simply left them aside, we have mistreated them and now more than ever we realise how much we need nature in general.

· Nature is definitely a significant part of your life. You also tend to play with the colours a lot. Do you think you improved your art over the years? In which ways did you develop or change as an artist?

The truth is that the explosion of colours came back as a result of a project I did in Egypt about 8 months ago. Very early in my career I considered myself a colourist, but with time this disappeared. I do believe that I have improved and I think that little by little I'm getting closer to where I would like to go. I believe that life experience is one important aspect, I believe that not giving up on work is another, so anyone who wants to evolve in their work, will only achieve it with more work and much, much passion.

Los árboles lloran dorado, 2020 - Tatiana Blanqué

· Describe your artwork in three words.

Passion, emotion and devotion!

· Any secrets you like to share regarding your artistic process? Any habits or rituals?

Secret, none. Habit? in the mornings I take an early walk with my dog in the woods, a little reading and drawing, painting.. and so on every day. It's great to have this kind of daily rythm.

· Is there any artwork that you would consider your personal favourite? And if yes, we would like to know why.

Yes, there are always works that mark a turning point in your career. For me one of the penultimate was "Trees Cry and Much" and the last one "Skin Metamorphosis".

The first one because I think I achieved the balance I wanted between colour stain and black line, in having felt that I found the balance between the outside and the inside, in the fact of capturing the importance of the small things, framing them in a given moment, in having achieved through the union of 20 roles, to build a timeless and a particular scenography for whoever wants to observe it. As for the second series, because of the idea of transferring to the spectator the idea of nature tattooed on our new skin, as a result of the Covid19, basically how everything in nature seems to be connected and we are part of it.

Los árboles lloran dorado, 2020 - Tatiana Blanqué

· People often say that a mixture of talent, luck and perseverance leads to success. Which factors do you believe to have had a big impact and contribution to the success of your art?

I think it's a mixture of all of them.In my case especially perseverance!

· Name a few of the people (also, artists) that inspire you the most.

Jaume Plensa, Pere Jaume, David Hockney, some ancient Japanese painters and drawings. Also Stefano Mancuso, a plant neurobiologist and so many other modern artists.

· Which future projects or plans would you like to achieve? What can we expect from Tatiana Blanqué? What will be the ultimate achievement for you?

In a very short time I will be able to exhibit my last series in a museum or Contemporary art foundation. Then I would love to enter the international art market, permanently. My last achievement... I don't know, hard to say, but I will never stop dreaming for the best to happen :)


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