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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

"My work travels through an experimental release of spontaneous energy as I consider the experience as art, and the physical object the result of the journey."

The encounter with artist Martin Revolo, or Shulka as he prefers to call himself, reveal a profoundly sensitive human being, with who hours of talking bring forward new depths and impressions related to the art world through a very human perspective. Born in Lima, Peru and based in San Francisco, the artist draws his inspiration from his past experiences, the mix of cultures, myths and mentalities he had the chance to fathom throughout his existence, by experimenting with photography, filmmaking, collage or painting. Explore the world of Martin Revolo through the eyes of Artrootz, in the following interview:

Without a name, eyes on Earth (acrylics on board) - Martin Revolo

Photographer, painter or do you prefer visual artist?

Visual artist.

How did you start exactly your career as an artist? Did you ever question your artwork at the early stages or even after?

I have always been involved in the arts since early age; but I started playing music thinking that it was what I intended to pursue, until I was introduced to visual arts by chance. When that happened, my life totally changed without question.

What would you have chosen to be if not an artist? Any advice that you would give to someone willing to venture into arts, but not really knowing where to start from or whether it is worth it?

At this point I could not think of anything else, but what I would say is that, by knowing that you are a creative person with a passion and with a spiritual calling towards doing something –that should be the answer. No question asked as it is as clear as it can be. ☺

What do you think distinguishes your work from the ones of other artists? What makes it distinctive?

Every artist is different as we all have different backgrounds and ways to do things, but what I would point is to where the Intention is coming from, meaning what is behind the motivation; in my case it would be my own inner journey.

Come closer (photography) by Martin Revolo

Your art contains a wide array of surreal motifs that keep appearing in your artworks. It is an interesting mix between the real and the surreal. What are you mostly attracted to, in your daily life and in your surroundings? Tell us a bit about the things you are mostly inspired by.

I am mostly inspired by what we all have in common, but cannot be seen nor touched, meaning that we all have an inner side that can be colourful and dark, it is part of our nature and in most cases the true guiding light for better or worse.

Many see your artworks as alternate realities or surrealistic representations of human emotions and perceptions. You also tend to play with the colours a lot. Do you think you improved your art over the years? In which ways did you develop or change as an artist?

I think the value of an art piece is measured by the emotions that took place during the process, the process can definitely improve with time, in my case I would say: Yes, I am happy to have found processes that work for me, but when the emotions are at play by making something artistic then, it is no longer up to me. I think I have developed as an artist by really understanding what takes place when doing something artistic and defining what is up to me and what not. Then the process could turn into some sort of a dance, dancing to the rhythms of a call and response. That is what really fascinates me about art. It is the very thin layer that can alternate realities (as you put it).

Describe your artwork in three words.

Colourful, adventurous and alive.

Any secrets you like to share regarding your artistic process? Any habits or rituals?

I like to be open to all possibilities when the opportunity arrives to create a piece, once I know, then I commit to it all the way until it is done. It is important for me to notice the hours during the day so that I can be more productive. It is by far the early morning time, perhaps that could be my ritual, to be able to take a walk during early hours before I go into the studio.

Is there any artwork that you would consider your personal favourite? And if yes, we would like to know why ☺

I would say the ongoing series titled “Come closer” is definitely what I have been putting much attention into, and that is because it is very personal, as I go along with it, it seems that every time a new door opens for me to enter and explore new ways of expression. It is also the only series so far in which I was able to combine different mediums like, painting, printmaking, photography. I am also thinking of incorporating music and video.

People often say that a mixture of talent, luck and perseverance leads to success. Which factors do you believe to have had a big impact and contribution to the success of your art?

It is definitely perseverance, we are all talented somehow, and if we were born with a natural calling to make art and we follow it, then it should be up to us to set how far we want to go. I truly believe that an opportunity will always appear when one is ready to make the next step.

Name a few of the people (also, artists) that inspire you the most.

H. Bosch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Romare Bearden, JR, and many, many others.

Martin Revolo in his studio - (c) Martin Revolo

Does your art convey a particular meaning, in your view? Or is your work open for interpretation?

When I think of it, I realize there is always something greater that makes me do the things I do, I am always looking for ways to connect with that inner world, and maybe it would resonate with the viewer if they are open to it.

In your view, should art become more accessible to the public nowadays? Should it convey more meanings and ideas on social, psychological and political issues? Any opinion on how artists can make this possible?

I couldn’t agree more, art should definitely be more accessible to the public but not manipulated towards any political or social ideals; I think of art as a way of integration, expression and a way to give back to our communities as well.

Artists should be involved in their communities and be aware of how they can contribute to make it a better place, of course the work and the time applied should be considered and compensated somehow by their local administrations.

What can we expect from Martin Revolo? What will be the ultimate achievement for you?

At this point I am in the middle of a non-ending work titled “Come Closer”, it is a project that has taken me a long way and I would like to go as far as I can with it and hopefully with the appropriate connections could be exposed to many, many people. And as far as what can be expected from me, I would like to leave that as an element of surprise, it seems that every now and then I go through the process of reinventing myself, so… let’s see what could be next. ☺

Timeless (mixed media on board) by Martin Revolo

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