Artwork of the week: Mona Caron

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Mona Caron, a big fish in the illustrious world of art, born in beautiful Switzerland and now based in San Francisco, has illustrated numerous books, posters for music, political events and news editorials, using various styles of watercolor, block print techniques and much more.

But most of all she gained ground with her impressive large-scale murals which pop up like colorful mushrooms in public space all across the globe. The vast majority knows Caron because of her worldwide epic mural series ‘Weeds', in which a wide variety of vibrant plants, flowers and other botanical stuff shines bright on urban walls in Europe, the U.S, India and Brazil.

Weeds all over the place

Caron likes the idea of them growing all over the city, in hidden places about to take over the concrete. It fascinates her that weeds, as little as they are, can find the tiniest crack and push through rubber, glass, cement and steel. They always grow back, slowly but steadily changing the word around them, and breaking through the hardest odds, and eventually, the system will pop and nature will win.

Her colorful creations often contain an awful lot of details. The idea emerged to paint them, and so her botanical friends to which she refers to as heroic portraits, arose globally. She selects plants that she stumbles upon in the cities where she works, and carefully integrates the tiniest details into the main visual elements of her mural.

Art-ivism: art with an impact and message

Social and environmental justice are important for Caron, which is why she often teams up with local or international movements to creates street art to support a particular issue. She likes to contribute with her artwork that often involves mass street actions, hence she co-creates visuals for cases like this.