The revitalization of Street Art in the times of COVID-19

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Living nowadays with the constant pressure and fear caused by Covid-19 worldwide, many domains of life and activities have been shattered at their core. The art market which used to buzz from connectedness and global mobility came suddenly to a standstill, with many missing the vibrant cultural events and art exhibitions. In the art world, museums and galleries were closed for often an indefinite time, forcing contemporary artists to reconsider their options and means of expression, mainly through online digital means and increased social media exposure.

Graffiti artists and muralists worldwide decided to reinvent street art, in the current context, through artworks that meant to send messages of hope and love, in view of the general message of keeping social distance on a daily basis. Under the ease of the restrictions now in several countries, people are witnessing a new world, where art aims to have a say and stand in the core of the current social and political context and not outside of it.

Therefore, public spaces have been taken by artists and muralists during the pandemic and have been reinvented, so that they became spaces of both beauty, dissent and support. Public policies and debates are put under scrutiny especially during these fragile moments and the street is often the best environment for these debates to emerge, inspiration to be created and people to express their ideas and beliefs forward. By constantly engaging in the cultural community, mainly artists but also other people can keep the artistic flow spreading everywhere, connecting to a deeper level and breaking possible contextual barriers.

See below our gallery of street artworks, gathered from all corners of the world, mirroring the social atmosphere under the coronavirus times and spreading the clear and hopeful message: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Street art depicting coronavirus - Spain

Street art in the times of coronavirus

Street art in Gaza

Street art in New Orleans

Street art in Los Angeles

Street art in Hong Kong

Trump graffiti in Royston, England

Street art in Italy

Super Nurse - street art in the times of coronavirus

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