Materials & Dimensions
Plexicollage C-color print under transparent plexi- glass (Diasec)
Size: 130 x 90 cm 

Year 2012



What will archaeologists in another galaxy discover? Signs, logos... the same ones at all corners of the planet?

Globalization, standardization, sterilization... There are some well oiled machines that fail to recognize the crisis and resist to the chaos. No message, just a visual and critical report without violence. It’s the strong demonstration of an arti- st’s work, who is as humble as his topic is direct. Major companies who now decide on our dre- ams, desires, tastes, have replaced the tem- ples where our ancestors sought well-being and comfort. Yves Hayat confronts us with this reality, without judgment or proselytizing.

Nike Business must go on by Yves Hayat

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