Sufocamento/ Suffocation #69 by Pedro David from the series "Madeira de Lei" (Hardwood)


Materials & Dimensions


Color negative film
Printed by inkjet on 320 gsm baryta based paper


50x62,5 cm - 2/5 - € 1600,00


150x180 cm (with 15 cm borders) - 1/5 -  € 4200,00




Brazillian country side is being filled with eucalyptus.
The accelerated industrial development of the country, and the overtuned importance of steel exportation, lead by the sucessive governments are only a part of the reasons of the deforestation of the Cerrado, the brazillian savana, and so the Atlantic Forest, and even the Amazon.
Several international steel companies established by the country buy large pieces of land and substitute the natural vegetation by eucalyptus, a fast growing kind of wood, used to make vegetal coal, an important ingredient in the tranformation of the iron ore to steel.
The Cerrado is the most threatened biome. Specialists say that in some time it will no longer exist. The eucalyptus charges high the environment for its fast growing speed: it consumes too much water and nutrients, leaving the soil exhausted and dry.
Federal regulations forbid to cut some native species of trees, like the Pequizeiros, araticuns, white sucupiras and cagaiteiras. Then farmers don’t cut them to plant the eucalyptus fields.
In January 2012, travelling by Minas Gerais State’s countryside, I found a large eucalyptus field, with those native trees standing inside of it. I was impressed with the realization of the crudest metaphor about the effects of “Reforestation” (as the companies refer to their eucalyptus fiels) on nature I’ve could imagine.
In February 2014, I returned to the same region to visit those trees, and entered again that green desert, and in September 2016, again, and so in March 2017.

Sufocamento/ Suffocation #69 by Pedro David

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