Pedra da Mina/ Mine’s Rock by Pedro David from the series "Mar de Morro" (Sea of Hills)


Material & Dimensions


Color negative film
Printed by inkjet on 500 gsm cotton paper



40x50 cm - 3/5 - €1100,00
120x150 cm (with 5 cm white borders)- 1/3 - €3200,00




“And the Itabirito peak
Will be milled, exported
In the infinite will be rest
it’s desolated gost.”
Carlos Drummond de Andrade - 1951

Photography as pictoric apropriation, interpretation and reframing of the daily routine.
Instrument of personal expression and awareness, protest-art.
In my daily activity around the neigborhood, a place in constant building, I record in film marks left by some mounds of sand, left temporarily, and soon took up by the workers of the several building works present by the region.
I also pass by enormous iron mines, the world’s biggest ones, part of our landscape. They are responsible for a similar, but in a much wider scale, transformation: the slowly, but constant, descend of the sea of hills to the ground level.
Through these flat colorful photography I try to create a metaphor for the mining destruction of our landscape and throw my scream for the hills and ridges of the Minas Gerais state.



Pedra da Mina/ Mine’s Rock by Pedro David

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