Bolas/ Balls by Pedro David from the series "360 Metros Quadrados" (360 square metres)


Material & Dimensions


Photographs taken on instant film - old Polaroid negatives

Printed by inkjet on baryta based warm tone paper



Small: 40x50 cm (42x59 cm paper): 2/5 -  €1100,00 
Medium: 60x70 cm (80x100 cm paper): 1/5 -  €1700,00
Large: 100x140 cm (120x150 cm paper): 3/5 -  €2700,00




360 Square Meters is a long term project that I’ve been undertaken since 2012 inside the terrain I live with my family, in the outskirts of a big Brazillian city, Belo Horizonte.
It is a figured trip to the deepness of my existence, passing trough my artistic, politic and philosophical references and cosmical understanding. It’s a personal interpretation of my life, using metonymy to express myself about the contemporary world.
An attempt to build my own particular world, fictional but credible, developed by my instincts and influences from the history of art, of photography, from the geography and the news.
Sometimes built under conceptual control, other times by the will of a reflexive living organism that puts itself, almost automaticaly, in the frame.
For this project I’m using a large format camera loaded with 4x5 inch negative plates of an already rare instant black and white film, the Polaroid 55.
Photographs created with this extinct film refers to images from other times, suggests an archeology of a place also extinct, once explored but now existing only as blurred memories and a photographic album. A parallel reality I try to create to discuss local and global issues of the contemporary world.
As well as the imprecise time frame, the misterious scales of this fictional world remains only as hints of monumental landscapes, mental or chance sculptures and non-sense assemblages. Simbolic landmarks of an intimate land.
360 Square Meters has been made with resources from the 13rd Funarte Marc Ferrez Prize of Photography, Brazil, and the Photoquai’s Residence, of the Quai Branly Museum, Paris - France. And received the 1st Nexofoto Iberoamerican Prize of Photography, in Madrid - 2014.

Bolas/ Balls by Pedro David

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